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Sessions (17)

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Recent Sessions (10)

Battles are grouped depending on the day you played them.

Mar 28th (2 battles)

2m ago

Mar 28th 04:50 - Mar 28th 05:05

Battle Time: 3m

Push Time: 14m

1V 1D 0E (50%)

Data Visualization

Leon +1
Gem Grabx2

Mar 27th (23 battles)

9h 21m ago

Mar 27th 19:00 - Mar 27th 19:46

Battle Time: 39m

Push Time: 46m

10V 13D 0E (43.5%)

Data Visualization

Leon -11
Gem Grabx23

Mar 11th (19 battles)

16d 19h ago

Mar 11th 07:26 - Mar 11th 09:08

Battle Time: 30m

Push Time: 1h 41m

9V 8D 2E (47.4%)

Data Visualization

Buster +13
Brawl Ballx3
Sprout +6
Hot Zonex2
Nita +0
Boss Fightx2
Lou +0
Boss Fightx3
Squeak -41
Duo Showdownx9

Mar 10th (6 battles)

17d 8h ago

Mar 10th 20:03 - Mar 10th 20:13

Battle Time: 9m

Push Time: 10m

3V 3D 0E (50%)

Data Visualization

Sprout +12
Hot Zonex4
Griff +4
Basket Brawlx2

Feb 5th (3 battles)

50d 18h ago

Feb 5th 08:37 - Feb 5th 10:15

Battle Time: 5m

Push Time: 1h 38m

3V 0D 0E (100%)

Data Visualization

Squeak +23
Gem Grabx2 Duo Showdownx1

Feb 4th (6 battles)

51d 6h ago

Feb 4th 22:22 - Feb 4th 22:41

Battle Time: 10m

Push Time: 18m

1V 5D 0E (16.7%)

Data Visualization

Squeak -27
Hot Zonex4 Gem Grabx2

Feb 4th (16 battles)

51d 12h ago

Feb 4th 06:52 - Feb 4th 16:23

Battle Time: 26m

Push Time: 9h 31m

6V 10D 0E (37.5%)

Data Visualization

Tara +8
Gem Grabx3
Nita +0
Big Gamex1
Spike +0
Big Gamex1
Gale +0
Big Gamex1
Squeak -22
Hot Zonex3

Feb 3rd (26 battles)

52d 6h ago

Feb 3rd 12:03 - Feb 3rd 22:35

Battle Time: 45m

Push Time: 10h 32m

14V 9D 3E (53.8%)

Data Visualization

Tara +24
Gem Grabx3
Chester +15
Duo Showdownx7 Gem Grabx6 Solo Showdownx1
Byron +8
Knockoutx3 Duo Showdownx1
Club League Darryl +7
Brawl Ballx5 | League 17> League 24 League 17> League 24

Feb 3rd (9 battles)

52d 22h ago

Feb 3rd 06:06 - Feb 3rd 06:25

Battle Time: 16m

Push Time: 18m

4V 4D 1E (44.4%)

Data Visualization

Byron +7
Gem Grabx5 Solo Showdownx3 Hot Zonex1

Feb 1st (22 battles)

54d 9h ago

Feb 1st 11:00 - Feb 1st 19:15

Battle Time: 37m

Push Time: 8h 15m

9V 12D 1E (40.9%)

Data Visualization

Bibi +19
Brawl Ballx3 Duo Showdownx1
Jessie -12
Gem Grabx6 Duo Showdownx6
Spike -12
Brawl Ballx5 Gem Grabx1

Sessions (17)

To quickly navigate to historic sessions, find it and click on it below!

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