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Eliz@ - all stats, damage, health hitpoints, super attack, reload speed, attacks & more.

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Trophy Road · Eliz@ unlocks at 8000 trophies in Brawl Stars.8000

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Emz attacks with blasts of hair spray that deal damage over time, and slows down opponents with her Super.

Eliz@'s Health is 3600 hitpoints in Brawl Stars.Santé 5040
Eliz@'s Attack is named Spray and deals 500 damage to other brawlers in Brawl Stars.Damage per half a second 700
Eliz@'s Super Attack is named Caustic Charisma in Brawl Stars.SUPER : Damage per second
Eliz@'s Super Length is 5000 ms in Brawl Stars.Portée du super 5000 ms
Eliz@'s Reload Speed is 2100 milliseconds in Brawl Stars, which indicates how fast Eliz@ attacks with their Spray.Vitesse de rechargement (ms) 2100
Eliz@'s Attack Speed is 500 milliseconds in Brawl Stars, which indicates the speed of Reload Speed or in other words, the Animation Time for attacking.Vitesse d'attaque (ms) 500
Eliz@'s SpeedVitesse Normale
Eliz@'s Attack Range is 6.66667 tiles far, which indicates how far their attack named Spray can reach and hit other brawlers in Brawl Stars.Portée d'attaque 6.67
Niveau Santé PV Dégâts ATQ
1 3600 500
2 3780 525
3 3960 550
4 4140 575
5 4320 600
6 4500 625
7 4680 650
8 4860 675
9-10 5040 700
Attaque: Spray

Emz gives you a blast of her hair spray! It's strong enough to melt your face.

SUPER : Caustic Charisma

Emz creates a cloud of toxicity around herself, slowing down the movement of enemies and damaging them.

Pouvoirs Stars

Eliz@'s Star Power Bad Karma

Bad Karma

Enemies that stay within the cloud of Emz's toxic hair spray suffer increasing damage, 20% per hit.

Eliz@'s Star Power Hype


Emz recovers 300 health per second for each enemy inside her Super's area of effect.


Eliz@'s Gadget Friendzoner


EMZ pushes back all enemies around her while also dealing 500 damage.


Eliz@ Étudiante

[email protected] Étudiante

Points Star 500
Eliz@ Or Massif

[email protected] Or Massif

Pièces 25000 Skin en or massif
Eliz@ Argent Massif

[email protected] Argent Massif

Pièces 10000 Skin en argent massif