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Maxine | all stats, damage, health hitpoints, super attack, reload speed, attacks & more.




Info. Maxine

Max goes fast! Her attack is a fast-firing blaster. Her Super speeds up her and allies!

Maxine's Health is 3200 hitpoints in Brawl Stars.Salute 4480
Maxine's Attack is named FASTER BLASTER and deals 320 damage up to 4 times to other brawlers in Brawl Stars.Damage per bullet 448 (4)
Maxine's Super Attack is named LET'S GO! in Brawl Stars.SUPER: Let's Go!
Maxine's Super Length is 4000 ms in Brawl Stars.Durata della Super 4000 ms
Maxine's Reload Speed is 1300 milliseconds in Brawl Stars, which indicates how fast Maxine attacks with their FASTER BLASTER.Velocità di ricarica (ms) 1300
Maxine's Attack Speed is 600 milliseconds in Brawl Stars, which indicates the speed of Reload Speed or in other words, the Animation Time for attacking.Velocità di Attacco (ms) 600
Maxine's SpeedVelocità Molto Rapida
Maxine's Attack Range is 8.33333 tiles far, which indicates how far their attack named FASTER BLASTER can reach and hit other brawlers in Brawl Stars.Portata 8.33
Livello Punti Ferita HP Danni Danni
1 3200 1280
2 3360 1344
3 3520 1408
4 3680 1472
5 3840 1536
6 4000 1600
7 4160 1664
8 4320 1728
9-10 4480 1792

Max's blaster shoots a bunch of projectiles fast! It holds a lot of rounds, and Max is quick with the reload.


Max momentarily boosts up her movement speed and that of nearby allies. Gotta go fast!

Abilità Stellari

Maxine's Star Power Super Charged

Super Charged

Max now charges her Super while moving.

Maxine's Star Power Run n' Gun

Run n' Gun

Max reloads faster while moving.


Maxine's Gadget Phase Shifter

Phase Shifter

Max dashes forward, and becomes immune to all damage from enemies while dashing.

Maxine's Gadget Sneaky Sneakers

Sneaky Sneakers

Max blinks back to a place of her choosing after 3 seconds' delay, recovering any damage she received in the meantime.


Maxine Turbo

Maxine Turbo

Gemme 30
Maxine Casual

Maxine Casual

Gemme 80