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Brawlify offers some features that are specifically designed to help you with Club Management. These features will give you a better overview of your club and will make it easier for you to manage your club. From logs that list changes in the club to activity graphs for your members, we've got you covered!

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사용해도 될까요?

Of course! We want to help everyone and because of that, the only requirement is to have more than 5 members in your Club. You can start tracking for your club by clicking one button and we'll do the rest! You can do so below by entering your club tag, clicking on Graphs and then clicking Enable Tracking if you haven't already.


메인 화면 좌측의 소셜 아이콘을 클릭하세요. 그 뒤 클럽 아이콘을 탭하세요.

Brawl Stars Club Tag

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After you enable tracking for your club, we will periodically update your club data and keep track of it. With this tracking, you will get access to your Club Logs and Graphs. This requires no extra action on your part after you enable it.

예시가 있나요?

Sure! You can check one of these popular clubs here:

Orange Juice Tribe Gaming

데이터 업데이트 빈도

We need to collect some data first after you enable this, so you need to wait at least 3 days to start seeing Activity Graphs. Club Logs on the other hand should be updated as soon as something changes. It may take a few minutes for our robots to register it, but Last Update column on the Club Logs page should give you an idea when we last checked.

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If you have any more questions, you can join us on discord and have a talk about Club Management. We also support YouTubers, so if you are interested in verifying your Club too, don't forget to message me on our server. My nickname: Henry#0004