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Фрэнк | all stats, damage, health hitpoints, super attack, reload speed, attacks & more.




About Фрэнк

Frank swings his hammer at enemies, sending a shockwave. His Super is an especially powerful blow that stuns enemies!

Фрэнк's Health is 6400 hitpoints in Brawl Stars.Здоровье 8960
Фрэнк's Attack is named HAMMER HIT and deals 1200 damage to other brawlers in Brawl Stars.Damage 1680
Фрэнк's Super Attack is named STUNNING BLOW and deals 1200 damage on hit to other brawlers in Brawl Stars.SUPER: Damage 1680
Фрэнк's Super Length is 1200 ms in Brawl Stars.Super length 1200 ms
Фрэнк's Reload Speed is 800 milliseconds in Brawl Stars, which indicates how fast Фрэнк attacks with their HAMMER HIT.Reload speed (ms) 800
Фрэнк's Attack Speed is 1350 milliseconds in Brawl Stars, which indicates the speed of Reload Speed or in other words, the Animation Time for attacking.Attack speed (ms) 1350
Фрэнк's SpeedСкорость Fast
Фрэнк's Attack Range is 6 tiles far, which indicates how far their attack named HAMMER HIT can reach and hit other brawlers in Brawl Stars.Attack range 6
Уровень Hitpoints HP Урон DMG Super Урон Супер
1 6400 1200 1200
2 6720 1260 1260
3 7040 1320 1320
4 7360 1380 1380
5 7680 1440 1440
6 8000 1500 1500
7 8320 1560 1560
8 8640 1620 1620
9-10 8960 1680 1680

Frank takes a while to wind up his hammer blow, but the hit is so hard it sends a shockwave.


Frank's greatest hit sends a shockwave that destroys environment and stuns enemies for a while.

Star Powers

Фрэнк's Star Power Power Grab

Power Grab

Frank steals the power of a Brawler he defeats, increasing his damage by 50% for 12 seconds!

Фрэнк's Star Power Sponge


Frank gains +1100 health.


Фрэнк's Gadget Active Noise Canceling

Active Noise Canceling

Frank clears any disabling effect on himself, and momentarily becomes immune to stuns, slows and knockbacks.

Фрэнк's Gadget Irresistible Attraction

Irresistible Attraction

Frank's next attack also pulls opponents towards him.


Пещерный Фрэнк

Пещерный Фрэнк

Кристаллы 80 Архивный скин. Не входит в число обычных доступных скинов.
Диджей Фрэнк

Диджей Фрэнк

Кристаллы 80