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Apr 23rd (7 battles)

10h 32m ago

Apr 23rd 06:37 - Apr 23rd 06:48

Battle Time: 10m

Push Time: 11m

2W 5L 0D (28.6%)

Data Visualization

Emz -13
Duo Showdownx3 Solo Showdownx2 Brawl Ballx1 Wipeoutx1

Apr 22nd (16 battles)

1d 2h ago

Apr 22nd 14:05 - Apr 22nd 14:37

Battle Time: 25m

Push Time: 32m

9W 6L 1D (56.3%)

Data Visualization

Nita +37
Duo Showdownx5
Barley +16
Duo Showdownx5
Rosa +5
Duo Showdownx3
Jacky -2
Duo Showdownx1
Emz -8
Brawl Ballx1 Duo Showdownx1

Apr 22nd (2 battles)

1d 9h ago

Apr 22nd 08:09 - Apr 22nd 08:10

Battle Time: 3m

Push Time: 3m

1W 1L 0D (50%)

Data Visualization

Edgar -4
Solo Showdownx2

Apr 16th (21 battles)

6d 17h ago

Apr 16th 23:00 - Apr 16th 23:33

Battle Time: 31m

Push Time: 32m

14W 6L 1D (66.7%)

Data Visualization

Darryl +59
Solo Showdownx10
El Primo +19
Duo Showdownx3 Solo Showdownx1
Frank +9
Solo Showdownx2 Duo Showdownx1
Poco +7
Duo Showdownx1 Solo Showdownx1
Solo League Bea +0
Knockoutx1 | League 8
Solo League Darryl +0
Heistx1 | League 8

Apr 16th (4 battles)

7d 11h ago

Apr 16th 05:46 - Apr 16th 05:52

Battle Time: 6m

Push Time: 6m

3W 1L 0D (75%)

Data Visualization

Frank +21
Solo Showdownx3
Tick -1
Solo Showdownx1

Apr 4th (10 battles)

18d 19h ago

Apr 4th 21:18 - Apr 4th 21:41

Battle Time: 15m

Push Time: 23m

6W 4L 0D (60%)

Data Visualization

Solo League Emz +0
Brawl Ballx2 Heistx2 Hot Zonex2 Knockoutx2 | League 4
Solo League Darryl +0
Knockoutx1 | League 4
Solo League Bea +0
Bountyx1 | League 4

Apr 4th (25 battles)

19d 4h ago

Apr 4th 11:43 - Apr 4th 12:42

Battle Time: 40m

Push Time: 59m

18W 7L 0D (72%)

Data Visualization

Emz +38
Brawl Ballx3 Knockoutx3
Bea +32
Knockoutx4 Solo Showdownx1
Solo LeagueSolo League +2
League 2> League 3> League 4
Solo League Bea +2
Knockoutx1 Bountyx1 | League 2> League 4
Solo League Emz +1
Brawl Ballx5 Bountyx2 Knockoutx2 Gem Grabx1 Hot Zonex1 | League 2> League 3
Solo League Darryl +0
Hot Zonex1 | League 3

Mar 28th (25 battles)

26d 1h ago

Mar 28th 13:09 - Mar 28th 15:25

Battle Time: 38m

Push Time: 2h 16m

21W 3L 1D (84%)

Data Visualization

Emz +212
Brawl Ballx7 Basket Brawlx5 Gem Grabx5 Solo Showdownx2 Hot Zonex2 Duo Showdownx1
Poco +39

Sessions (8)

To quickly navigate to historic sessions, find it and click on it below!

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