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Dark Legions


Tag: DLG 🌬️•Push ❤‍🔥•Pig Full 🐷•Wpp 💚•Times fechados 🙅🏻‍♂️•Dark Legions II 🫢•Torneios Mensais💸•Players 62k+🤡•#TeamDLG

Total Trophies

Club Progression over time. Total Trophies are a sum of trophies for all members in the club.



General Info
TrophyTrophies 0
RankRequiredRequired Trophies 35,000
InfoType Invite Only
Brawl NewsMembers 0 / 30
Members 0 = 0%
Seniors 0 = 0%
Vice Presidents 0 = 0%

Members (0/30)

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