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葛蕾特 | all stats, damage, health hitpoints, super attack, reload speed, attacks & more.





Colette is going to get you! She taxes opponents' health and has fancy moves to boot.

葛蕾特's Health is 3200 hitpoints in Brawl Stars.生命值 4480
葛蕾特's Super Attack is named Time to Collect in Brawl Stars.超級技能: Damage
葛蕾特's Speed速度 普通
等級 生命值 生命值 傷害 傷害
1 3200 0
2 3360 0
3 3520 0
4 3680 0
5 3840 0
6 4000 0
7 4160 0
8 4320 0
9-10 4480 0
普通攻擊:Taxing Shot

Colette fires a shot that takes what you owe - you or your bear! And the more you have, the more you owe.

超級技能: Time to Collect

Colette makes a dash forth and back, dealing taxing damage to everyone in her path, based on their maximum health.


葛蕾特's Star Power Push It

Push It

All enemy brawlers hit by Colette's charge are carried to the farthest point of the attack!

葛蕾特's Star Power Mass Tax

Mass Tax

Colette's super gives her a 20% shield for 5 seconds. Every enemy brawler hit by it will add 10% more protection.


葛蕾特's Gadget Na-ah!


Colette's next shot deals extra 1000 damage.