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斯图 - all stats, damage, health hitpoints, super attack, reload speed, attacks & more.


Action Assassin

Trophy Road · 斯图 unlocks at 10000 trophies in Brawl Stars.10000

关于 斯图

Stu is a stunt driver extraordinaire with gasoline in his veins! He makes a big entrance, burning serious rubber all over the stage.

斯图's Health is 2800 hitpoints in Brawl Stars.生命值 3920
斯图's Attack is named Razzle Dazzle and deals 600 damage to other brawlers in Brawl Stars.Damage 840
斯图's Super Attack is named Nitro Boost and deals 800 damage on hit to other brawlers in Brawl Stars.超级技能:Nitro Boost 1120
斯图's Speed速度 普通
等级 生命值 生命值 伤害 伤害 Super 伤害 超级技能
1 2800 600 800
2 2940 630 840
3 3080 660 880
4 3220 690 920
5 3360 720 960
6 3500 750 1000
7 3640 780 1040
8 3780 810 1080
9-10 3920 840 1120
普通攻击:Razzle Dazzle

Stu fires out two pyrotechnic shots that pack quite a wallop.

超级技能:Nitro Boost

Hitting an opponent with Razzle Dazzle charges up Stu's Nitro Boost, a short dash that bumps opponents out of the way. Leaves a trail of burning rubber on the ground that will set fire to any opponents that touch it.


斯图's Star Power Zero Drag

Zero Drag

Stu's Nitro Boost Super dash distance increases by 71%.

斯图's Star Power Gaso-Heal


Using his Nitro Boost Super restores 400 of Stu's health.


斯图's Gadget Speed Zone

Speed Zone

Stu drops a booster that makes himself, his teammates and other allies move faster while inside its area of effect.

斯图's Gadget Breakthrough


Stu's next Super can bash through obstacles, making debris fly forward. Each piece of debris deals 200 damage to any opponent it hits.