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Poco | all stats, damage, health hitpoints, super attack, reload speed, attacks & more.




About Poco

Poco fires damaging sound waves at enemies. His Super can heal both Poco himself and his teammates!

Poco's Health is 4000 hitpoints in Brawl Stars.Health 5600
Poco's Attack is named POWER CHORD and deals 700 damage to other brawlers in Brawl Stars.Damage 980
Poco's Super Attack is named ENCORE and deals 2100 damage on hit to other brawlers in Brawl Stars.SUPER: Heal 2940
Poco's Super Length is 150 ms in Brawl Stars.Super length 150 ms
Poco's Reload Speed is 1600 milliseconds in Brawl Stars, which indicates how fast Poco attacks with their POWER CHORD.Reload speed (ms) 1600
Poco's Attack Speed is 500 milliseconds in Brawl Stars, which indicates the speed of Reload Speed or in other words, the Animation Time for attacking.Attack speed (ms) 500
Poco's SpeedSpeed Normal
Poco's Attack Range is 7 tiles far, which indicates how far their attack named POWER CHORD can reach and hit other brawlers in Brawl Stars.Attack range 7
Level Hitpoints HP Damage DMG Super Heal Heal
1 4000 700 2100
2 4200 735 2205
3 4400 770 2310
4 4600 805 2415
5 4800 840 2520
6 5000 875 2625
7 5200 910 2730
8 5400 945 2835
9-10 5600 980 2940

Poco strums his guitarrón, sending forward bone-jarring sound waves. Enemies hit by the waves take damage.


Poco heals himself and all friends he can reach with his uplifting melody. Does not affect enemies.

Star Powers

Poco's Star Power Da Capo!

Da Capo!

When Poco's attack hits friendly Brawlers they now heal for 700 health.

Poco's Star Power Screeching Solo

Screeching Solo

Poco’s Super now also hits enemies, dealing 1000 damage.


Poco's Gadget Tuning Fork

Tuning Fork

Poco and all nearby allies heal 400 health per second for 5 seconds.

Poco's Gadget Protective Tunes

Protective Tunes

Removes active adverse effects from friendly brawlers in a large area and gives a 2 second immunity.


Serenade Poco

Serenade Poco

Gems 150
Pirate Poco

Pirate Poco

Gems 80 Brawlidays skin